This is my Junited page, a fun little blogging adventure that’s all about sharing, where I’ll build this page with links to blogs or posts that I think deserve some extra attention. I may not get to posting every day but I will make up the equivalent for the month.

I’m going to add a little theme to it too - location, place.

23. An Adventure in Space and Time (with Harold Lloyd) (substack)

A little room in Brussels doubling as a time machine.

22. Pub crawling as a way to practice psychogeography (substack)

We ended up in lots of places we wouldn’t otherwise have visited, looking at much more besides pubs.

Not a bad way to spend a day. I like the list at the end of the post on what to look out for when doing the pub crawl. I’m reminded of all the pubs I visited across NSW when I was surveying. They all had so much character, built from many stories specific to each place.

21. Teejay’s blog

Many many photos of fronts of buildings with a story behind a lot of them, with some other bits and pieces scattered in.

20. Sending a Flag to Alaska

Never been into geocaching, but I like the idea of these trackable ones. Watch it travel across the world.

19. 23/06/2024

A reminder to take a different path every now and then. Nothing deep here but I like these general day-to-day posts. Quack.

18. Chris Nadovich’s TransAmerica Bike Tour 09

I love the simplicity of this blog and the effort put in to add KML files, map pins and weather links.

17. Disposing of a dead body

A very useful guide. Pinned to the top of my resource bookmarks.
This was an article written by over at

16. Create a space for your keys

Create a dedicated space for your keys by your home’s entryway — a space just for your keys and nothing else — maybe in a bowl, or on a hook.

This just rings GTD, Tom Sachs and the Neistat brothers. I love these practical betterments popping up in my feed. Regarding this one, although I have a space for my keys, it’s not in such a strategic spot as my home’s entryway. I have a project on the cards to build a home command center in an ideal spot. It will house:

  • keys
  • wallet
  • pen and paper
  • any books I'm reading
  • mail I need to action
  • calendar
Good reminder.

15. The Heavyweight Client in Public Space

As social amenity, public space in urban areas can be convivial social environments for fusion. City streetscapes are the scene for vibrant happenings made by populations inspired to perpetuate a collective pulse.

A well written piece on public spaces.

14. Images of the Road

Yep, its not always about the destination. I like the analogy back to time.

13. Community Code Jam #4: Destination Vacation

Ok, it’s not a blog but I’m watching intently as it fits perfectly with my Junited theme of location/place. Looking forward to seeing what’s submitted.

12. It’s a Dream World

Same place, different time. Spot the difference.

11. Incandescence

I know nothing about stone circles, and although the sky did not land an eventful shadowing on the occasions he visited, the author’s writing got me very interested in “archaeoastronomical observations”. I hope in my travels I will come across a stone circle so I can observe a sunrise or sunset and see what it brings.

10. Elizabeth Way Roundabout: Brutality on the Eastern Gate

With major developments on the cards for the area, the author ventures out to capture a moment in time at places that may get an overhaul. I love how unique these written words are to place, time and author.

9. Losing interest in organizing things

I concur. For my main note-taking app, Obsidian, files and folders once had their specific place, but as I lost interest in the time spent managing a filing system and I just wanted to get on capturing and moving on, I moved towards simply relying on searching and tags. This page itself is stored in the main folder amongst 100s of other notes. I just hit CTRL-SHIFT-F, start typing “Junited” and there it is. I can feel my other files and folders getting a bit like this too. OneCommander is a great file explorer that I find enhances the navigation experience.

8. Eyre Peak 30 October - 1 November 2017

Another well captioned photography blog I found while planning another mission. I find these writeups so useful!

7. Enchaining New Zealand’s 3000m Peaks in 31 Days

It’s hard to describe the emotions on that final summit, because there were none. Despite the glorious, windless evening, I felt devoid of any feeling. I was simply too tired. We were also confused. Jetlagged. Aoraki was just over there, we could see it clearly. Two days ago, we were there. Now we were here. Everything had worked. Feelings would come later.

Alastair McDowell’s writeup of his epic mission with mate Hamish Fleming. Accompanying interview with author Ray Salisbury which includes some footage:

6. Tara Tama Traverse

Found this blog and vlog while planning a mission in the same area. I’ve had two missions out this way and it is tough going. The scrub bashing and creek crossings shown in the video felt familiar. Alastair McDowell, one of NZ’s most accomplished mountaineers, was part of this party so you know it’ll be a good one.

5. Springtime in Alpine Meadows

I enjoy Franz’s write ups and the photography. Makes we want to visit Germany. That shot of the Karwendel range in the backdrop 👌 It’s nice to see opposite seasons at the other end of the world.

4. Daryl Sun’s Web Manifesto

It is my hope that someday, once my bones have turned to dust, someone in the future will find archives of this blog, and have glimpses of this time, this place, this life that I have lived.

I like this idea of leaving a breadcrumb of existence on the web. How cool to know your ancestors 100 years from now can get to know the you by reading through your blog.

3. Peaks and pass’s, the Alps of Kyrgystan

Just a cool bunch of photos bike-packing through Kyrgystan mountains.

2. Third places and meetups

On “third places”. Juhis talks about meetups as third places. Might be a stretch, but the mountains are my third place. I read this not long after I was thinking about how when I run the local trails I regularly end up having a good yarn with someone. I feel like its a social outing even though I run solo. A bit like going to the pub without announcing it, knowing you’ll run into someone.

1. Spring tune-up + ride

After giving her bike some TLC Rachel takes it out for a spin. Just a fun write up with cool snaps along the way. Also accompanied by a map 👌